Arabic Alphabet Book (PDF)




This Arabic alphabet book was written and designed by “the al-fissah school”, it is intended for non-Arabic speaking children and its main objective is to familiarize the student with the Arabic letters, their sounds and their shapes in first, without the pupil knowing the alphabet by heart at the end of this book or knowing how to read it.
This book is an introduction and prepares for level 1 of the book “Arabic in the hands of our children” which will provide through its different levels the possibility for your child to be able to understand and express himself then to read and write inshaa Allah .
We have tried to present them in this book with simple lessons, accompanied by pictures and colors, to make learning a game.

We have divided the lessons into 5 parts, they are divided as follows:
1. The harakat (the fatha, the damma, the kassra).
2. The Extensions (the Alif, the waw, the ya).
3. The Soukoun (opposite of a vowel).
4. The Tanwin (noun with a soukoun).
5. The Chadda (is the doubling of a letter).

Through each part, the student will familiarize himself with the Arabic alphabet in a pedagogical way in order to facilitate his learning. Each part is accompanied by an exercise to check that the student has understood correctly.

We ask Allah to forgive us our mistakes, to accept this humble effort and to make it profitable.